St. James Legion Lodge
2730 Ness Avenue
Senior Citizens Rental

St. James Legion Lodge is a quiet 55+ 3-storey apartment building conveniently located on Ness Avenue in St. James close to shopping, churches and the Grace Hospital. This building has both bachelor and one-bedroom apartments. Rents are based on income. Rent includes heat, hydro and water. Property and building are well-maintained and a Resident Manager lives on-site. Priority is given to veterans. Minimal parking available.

Property Type:

Senior Citizens Rental

Social Housing

Apartment Type Income
One Bedroom Less than or equal to $33500
Bachelor Unit Less than or equal to 23000 RGI @ 30%
Anything above those rates based on the unit sizes would fall under the Affordable Housing Program

Affordable Housing Program - Fixed Base Rate

Apartment Type Rent As of June 1, 2015
One Bedroom $842.00
Bachelor Unit $597.00
Market Rent - Anything above the Affordable Housing Program

Market Housing Program

Apartment Type Rent As of June 1, 2015
One Bedroom $991.00
Bachelor Unit $674.00

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